Overflow, Episode 4 Raw

Overflow, Episode 4 Raw

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#4. 火照ったカラダが暴走中 / Hotetta Karada ga Bousou Chuu / A Flushed Body Going Wild

Overflow, Episode 4 Raw

When Ayane stopped visiting the apartment, Kazushi began to worry.
At that time, Kotone, who was studying for an exam, knocked on his apartment door.
Kazushi pretends to be unconcerned and teaches her how to study, but when Kotone sits down next to him and suddenly kisses him, he is in a panic!
What wafted from Kotone’s mouth was… the scent of alcohol!
Kotone had eaten a large amount of chocolates containing alcohol and was in a state of inebriation.
As soon as she takes off her uniform, she reveals her true feelings, which she had been hiding…

Overflow, Episode 4 Raw

Overflow, おーばーふろぉ,, 오버플로우

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