Overflow, Episode 3 Raw

Overflow, Episode 3 Raw

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#3. 二つのハートは接近中 / Futatsu no Heart wa Sekkin Chuu / Two Hearts Getting Closer

Overflow, Episode 3 Raw

The day after spending a blazing night with his sisters, Kazushi appeared in front of them as they walked, reflecting on last night’s events.
Ayane, with whom Kazushi is currently in the most awkward relationship.
While Kazushi apologized gracefully in front of his apartment, Ayane surprisingly did not seem to be angry with him.
On the contrary, as soon as she entered his room
As soon as he entered her room, he asked her with moist eyes, “If you want to continue where we left off yesterday…kiss me…?” She asked with moist eyes…

Overflow, Episode 3 Raw

Overflow, おーばーふろぉ,, 오버플로우

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