Otokonoko Delivery, Episode 1 Raw

Otokonoko Delivery, Episode 1 Raw

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オトコのコ♂デリバリー / Otokonoko ♂ Delivery

Otokonoko Delivery, Episode 1 Raw

“Kazuya,” a salaryman on an extended business trip to Tokyo. After finishing his work, he returned to his business hotel and coincidentally picked up a escort information magazine. The story begins when he contacts a certain brothel…
Responding to a delivery request is “Akane” (Shun), a male crossdresser. With a petite chest and a certain swelling below the waist, Akane’s secrets gradually unfold. Kazuya becomes entranced by Akane’s gentle lead in their play.
On the other hand, as Kazuya and Akane disappear into their hotel room, another protagonist, “Aoi” (Sora), belonging to the same brothel as Akane, watches them. Through Akane’s skillful persuasion, a play between male crossdressers begins in the art room. Despite Aoi’s innocent reactions, he starts to accept the sensations as an inexperienced participant.
One day, Kazuya’s smartphone rings with an incoming call. Beyond where Akane and Aoi, two male crossdressers, await, there lies…

Otokonoko Delivery, Episode 1 Raw

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