Otogibanashi no Onigokko, Episode 2 PV

Otogibanashi no Onigokko, Episode 2 PV

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おとぎばなしの鬼ごっこ / Otogibanashi no Onigokko

#2. アリスの壊れた世界 / Arisu No Kowareta Sekai / Alice’s Broken World

Otogibanashi no Onigokko, Episode 1 PV

It is a well-known story that Alice found herself in a strange world where animals spoke. Despite experiencing many unpleasant things, such as being teased by a giant caterpillar and attacked by a pig, Alice walks around trying to find her way back to her original place.
“Well, I have no choice. Let’s go to the castle,” she says.
Alice still hasn’t realized that there’s a reason for everything, whether it’s animals attacking her, a wise griffin falling in love with her, or a gentle king giving her a lecherous look. Who is truly going mad?
This is a well-known story that everyone knows. However, only you know how it ends…
One day, a beautiful woman follows a white rabbit down a hole, and it leads to a shady and lewd country.

Otogibanashi no Onigokko, Episode 2 PV


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