Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 4 Raw

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 4 Raw

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鬼父 Refresh / Oni Chichi: Refresh

#4. 小生意気ロマンティックがはマらない♥ | Konamaiki Romantic ga Hamaranai | The Small Cheeky Romantic Won’t Get Hooked

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 4 Raw

Whew… what is this? I’m so exhausted. When I went to help Sana, it suddenly turned into that… And then out of nowhere… Wham! It was really surprising. In the end, things got all messed up with Papanko too… Oh well, I guess that led to the funny situation. It must have hurt, huh? That’s what you get for making fun of Airi, you know? Ah, I thought we’d have a great time at the summer beach, thanks to Sana and Papanko’s arrangements… Well, we did have fun though. But I think I need to teach Sana a lesson… well, it’s become a memory, heh.

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 4 Raw

Demon Father: Refresh, Oni Chichi: Refresh, 鬼父 Refresh, 귀부: 리프레쉬

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