Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 2 Raw

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 2 Raw

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鬼父 Rebuild / Oni Chichi Rebuild

#2. 清楚に跨がるコスプレニート♥ | Seiso ni Matagaru Cosplay NEET | Going Crazy With That Cheeky Moe Face

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 2 Raw

Marina, my big sister, is always so carefree and arrogant! Geez, what’s wrong with her? Hmph, making fun of Airi, hmph. It’s not a joke, hmph. And what’s up with the seniors too, getting all touchy-feely with Airi’s disgusting father. Ugh, it’s gross. Even Airi gets so angry about it… Ugh, it makes me furious!

And they say it’s all for the sake of some stupid competition. Hmph!

…But while Airi was fuming, my big sister was going through something tough… It’s probably the reason why mom came back. What’s going to happen now?

Yet, that perverted dad of ours still takes advantage of Airi, making her cry, ignoring her, and fooling around with that senior while keeping my sister locked up at home, dressing her up as a waitress and doing all those lewd things…

Seriously, he’s such a creepy, perverted old man. Acting all selfish and idiotic. He made Airi cry so much, ignored her, flirted with that senior, and locked my sister up at home, making her wear waitress costumes and engaging in lewd acts…

I just can’t understand anymore… sniffle

I feel so tired, Airi. I thought I’d just swallow my tears and let it be…

Airi… Is it all right now? If things are going to be like this… Maybe it’s better from the beginning…

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 2 Raw

Demon Father: Rebuild, Oni Chichi: Rebuild, 鬼父 Rebuild, 귀부: 재구축

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