Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 1 Raw

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 1 Raw

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鬼父 Rebuild / Oni Chichi Rebuild

#1. 小生意気なじぇらしぃ輪舞[ロンド]♥ | Konamaiki na Jealousy Rondo | Cheeky Jealousy Rondo

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 1 Raw

My name is Marina. I am a close older sister to my younger sister, Airi. But lately, things have been a bit awkward between us. It’s not like there’s something specifically wrong between Airi and me… Really, there isn’t. It’s just that this wouldn’t happen in an ordinary family. However, it happened to us, and it’s difficult to face our mother now that she’s finally back from her business trip. We should be having a happy time together as a family of four, but it’s complicated for us.

Airi feels both joy and guilt about being with our beloved mom. And yet, Dad is acting in ways that make me question how he feels about Mom… But I have no right to say anything about it. Moreover, I heard from Airi’s friend, Sana-chan, that Dad is having an affair, apparently with a classmate of mine named Yuka Mikami. There’s just too much going on, and I don’t understand anything anymore.

Wait? Again, I hear commotion between Airi and Dad in the next room… Why is Dad shouting so loudly? What’s happening? Airi, are you crying? Wait, is that true!?

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 1 Raw

Demon Father: Rebuild, Oni Chichi: Rebuild, 鬼父 Rebuild, 귀부: 재구축

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