Oni Chichi Re–born, Episode 2 English Subbed

Oni Chichi Re–born, Episode 2 English Subbed

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鬼父 Re-born / Oni Chichi Re–born

#2. ~小生意気な秘湯めぐり~ 姉妹丼道連れ編 | Konamaiki na Hitou Meguri: Shimaidon Michizure Hen | Impudent Secret Hot Spring Encounter: Sisters Bundle Bowl Wrap Chapter

Oni Chichi Re–born, Episode 2 English Subbed

Playful twins crying out for attention ♪ A young wife with a pure yet provocative charm♪
It’s been a while; this is Marina. I’m sulking, I’m jealous, I’m feeling desperate! I couldn’t take the spotlight and stayed in the shadows… Even when I tried to come out, I was treated with pity… It’s been making me envious and darkening my heart… But finally, I’m back. I wanted to see this scenery once more! I’ll show my elegant but naughty side! It’s my comeback!
Though, if I try my best and no one supports me, that would be tough…
Anyway, enough with the complaints for now.
This time, I followed Airi and Dad, who had already arrived, and we came to a hot spring inn. But to my surprise… Airi was suddenly left alone with Dad, sleeping together. Well, it’s good that they got along, but isn’t it going too far? She caught a cold and is moaning in discomfort…
I was worried about Airi, and then Dad… he suddenly tried to put a suppository in her butt, and when I told him not to, he embraced me from behind, squeezing my breasts, and forcefully inserted it. On top of sleeping Airi… It was so embarrassing, but at the same time, it felt good… I’m such a shameless woman.
But what Dad said at that moment made me mad. Saying something like that is just awful…
Then, Airi woke up. But something was off… Why did this have to happen? There’s no god, right? Really, I never want to experience anything like that again.
Still, Airi being so cute and playful, and getting along with Dad a little better… It’s been a while… It made me think that way.
This trip after a long time was so liberating that it seemed to open up even my dark side…
We all had fun together, the three of us… I wish this happy scene could continue forever.
But reality is too harsh, and if we go back like this…
So, I decided to end it here. I feel sorry for Mom, but the three of us…

Oni Chichi Re–born, Episode 2 English Subbed

Oni Chichi: Od-rodzona, Oni Chichi: Re-born, Oni Chichi: Reborn, 鬼父 Re-born, 귀부: 재탄생

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