Oni Chichi, Episode 1 Raw

Oni Chichi, Episode 1 Raw

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鬼父 / Oni Chichi

#1. 小生意気なホットパンツ | Konamaiki na Hot Pants | Cheeky in Hot Pants

Oni Chichi, Episode 1 Raw

Cheeky twintails glaring while begging
Akizuki Kozo, a adoptive father who wants to do something about his two beloved daughters, Marina and Airi, is not satisfied with just looking around his daughters’ rooms and borrowing used underwear.
He uses the excuse of being a test subject for the drug he is researching, “○○ Inducing Spray”, and approaches his still immature limbs…
“Airi” who curses and despises as usual. Even if he is called a dog, in contrast to Kouzou, who tries to get used to him gradually, he does not show affection for him at all.
A treasure DVD he found in Airi’s room that he was watching to comfort himself. Kozo, who is absorbed in a private video with Airi and Sana, has no way of noticing Airi standing behind him…
Kozo sprays Airi, who is approaching her thief, with a spray. Airi, who can’t focus on her, is puzzled by the change in her body, even though her rebellious tone doesn’t change.
“This, this, beast…… No, no, dad, ya, yamete!”
Airi, who had the same rebellious attitude and expression as usual, uttered her pleading words from her plump lips…
Kousou, who has been scorned for a long time, plunges into her bare buttocks and plunges into them.
……It doesn’t take long for Airi, who has been teased, to fall, and gradually begins to want her mouth……
“Ah, you’re saying I’ll give you your stinky, thick semen!”
However, Kouzou never regained his father’s dignity…

Oni Chichi, Episode 1 Raw

Demon Father, Oni Chichi, オ二チチ, 鬼父, 귀부

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