Oni Chichi: Bacation, Episode 1 Raw

Oni Chichi: Bacation, Episode 1 Raw

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鬼父 化ケーション / Oni Chichi: Bacation

小生意気タヌキぽんぽこぽん | Konamaiki Tanuki Pon Poko Pon | Fun with Small Cheeky Raccoo

Oni Chichi: Bacation, Episode 1 Raw

Oh, come on! I was so excited about skiing in the winter mountains, but what’s with getting lost and ending up in a survival situation? And on top of that, that jerk takes advantage of being alone in a cave and tries to make a move. It’s just the same as always.
Even though we’re in skiwear, they forcefully pull it down and try to get intimate. And telling Aeri to keep her gloves on and do things like that, seriously, don’t boss her around!
They said there’s a ski resort near our relatives’ house we visited in the summer, and apparently, I used to come here a lot when I was little…
Ha! Even jerks had a childhood, huh? I teased them about it, and then this woman who knows them showed up, talking about all their past. Hmph, they’ve always been a jerk.
…But that woman, she felt strangely different…
Even though she’s supposed to be older than them, she looks just about the same age as Aeri, and on top of that, she turned out like that… It was really surprising… Hmph.

Oni Chichi: Bacation, Episode 1 Raw

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