Oni Chichi 2, Episode 1 English Subbed

Oni Chichi 2, Episode 1 English Subbed

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鬼父2 / Oni Chichi 2

#1. おバかな袴っ娘の反省 | Obaka na Hakamakko no Hansei

Oni Chichi 2, Episode 1 English Subbed

Kendo Club, a girl named Natsume in hakama. There are three other daughters as well. Although they live in a single-parent household with their father, they are surrounded by adorable and maturing daughters.
Kenshi (a swordsman) named Kenichi is troubled by his rough and arrogant daughter. Natsume doesn’t listen to him and is seen as a troublesome student by his colleagues. To educate Natsume, Kenichi takes advantage of the time after the kendo club activities and approaches her while wearing hakama…
Natsume is shocked and humiliated by her father Kenichi’s actions. With her small and immature body, she can’t resist. Her kimono is lifted, and she is forcefully violated by a beastly phallus, breaking her youthful innocence. Unable to even cry out, the seeds of depravity are planted within her…
“You… How could you do something so disgraceful to your daughter?”
In response to Natsume’s raging anger, Kenichi continues in a relentless manner, saying, “You’re just an adopted daughter. Will you lead your other sisters astray despite being an adopted daughter?”
While the white fluid drips from Natsume’s shocked body, without even allowing it to dry, Kenichi once again entwines their bodies, continuing his actions…

Oni Chichi 2, Episode 1 English Subbed

Demon Father 2, Oni Chichi 2, 鬼父2, 귀부2

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