Nocturnal, Episode 2 Raw

Nocturnal, Episode 2 Raw

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NocturnaL #2[モノリノ]

Nocturnal, Episode 2 PV

Rebellion against being an honor student, indulgence of sexual desires, and bad imaginations were all on my mind.
The second semester ended without hearing from Yako.
Eto was sitting on a bench in the cold weather, longing to see Yako.
Suddenly, Yako shows up.
The time he could spend with Yako grew shorter and shorter, and eventually….
The two of them lay their bodies on top of each other, accepting their feelings.
Dawn breaks, and Yoriko is gone.
In the morning, on the way to school, he meets Sayoko.
She says she had a dream for the first time in a long time. It was a very, very long dream…
A “teacher” who quit his teaching job is assigned as an educator for Yumeko Orikasa, who has been truant from school.
During his teaching days, he was attracted to Yumeko’s high-handedness, strangely mature and sexy personality, and the way she always looked out the window, not fitting in with her surroundings.
However, when he could no longer control his own perverted sexuality, “Sensei” was driven by a sense of remorse and resigned from his position.
He becomes an obedient dog to Yumeko, who plays with his twisted sexuality, and vows to obey her.

Nocturnal, Episode 2 Raw

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