Nightmare x Deathscythe, Episode 1 Raw

Nightmare x Deathscythe, Episode 1 Raw

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Nightmare x Deathscythe

#1. 叛逆のレゾナンス / Hangyaku no Rezonansu / Rebellion Resonance

Nightmare x Deathscythe, Episode 1 PV

Natsume Rinné lived thinking she was just an ordinary female student… until she discovered her own secret.
A few months ago, her father was killed in an attack by a devil-worshipping cult. At that moment, she awakened the power of the “death god” hidden within her and defeated the cult members.
However, her momentary peace did not last long, as she was eventually captured. Akuta, the head of the cult branch, directed his vengeful anger towards Rinné, who had injured him, and now the sacred ritual of the union between demons and death gods is about to begin.
Just then, two wandering exorcists, Shindo Setsuna and Yuka, appeared. But despite their valiant efforts, they were surrounded by a large number of cult followers…
What awaits them beyond this desperate situation?

Nightmare x Deathscythe, Episode 1 Raw

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