Nee, …Shiyo, Episode 2 English Subbed

Nee, …Shiyo, Episode 2 English Subbed

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ねぇ,…しよ / Nee, …Shiyo

#2. わがまま彼氏とおっとり彼女 / ビンカン♡補習 / Wagamama Kareshi to Ottori Kanojo / Binkan Hoshuu / Selfish, Quiet Girl / Erect, Sensitive Supplementary Lessons

Nee, ...Shiyo, Episode 2 Raw

■ “Selfish Boyfriend and Easygoing Girlfriend”
At the beginning of spring, “Kyoya Hinaguro” confesses his love to “Keiko Hinayama” and they start dating. They kiss and have sex, but Kyoya feels jealous when he finds out that Keiko was not a virgin, even though he was. He starts demanding unreasonable things like oral sex in the boys’ bathroom and having sex in the sports storage room during class. Keiko accepts his selfish behavior and responds to his demands. Kyoya believes that Keiko is head over heels for him, but he eventually realizes that he is the one who is obsessed with her.

■ “Sensitive Repair”
A teacher (Kazu) and a student (Chie) have a relationship, but they are actually lovers. One day, they plan to do repairs alone, but Kazu starts making advances on Chie. When she resists, he opens her blouse and finds a band-aid on her nipple. He is aroused by the eroticism of the situation and starts teasing and tormenting Chie’s nipple while playing with her sun-kissed body. Chie fights back and they both forget that they are at school, giving in to their desire without caring about being seen by others.

Nee, ...Shiyo, Episode 2 English Subbed

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