Nee, …Shiyo, Episode 1 English Subbed

Nee, …Shiyo, Episode 1 English Subbed

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ねぇ,…しよ / Nee, …Shiyo

#1. ふたりの日 / ふたりの日々 / Futari no Hi / Futari no Hibi / Day Only for Two / Two People’s Days

Nee, ...Shiyo, Episode 1 Raw

“Two Days”
The parents are out and there are only two of them now. Mayu, who has a sharp tongue, scolds Takuya, but her groin is soaking wet. Takuya, also consumed by desire, approaches her relentlessly. The two, who are familiar with each other’s erogenous zones, struggle with each other and continue to seek each other all night without rest, to the point where they almost lose consciousness. Eventually, used condoms are scattered throughout the room around the bed.

“Days of Two”
Takuya, who is treated coldly by Mayu at school, mistakenly believes that she has a boyfriend. Out of jealousy, he forcefully grabs Mayu’s hand and takes her to a secluded place, ignoring the looks of those around them. He forcibly pulls down her pants and inserts himself without asking for permission. And every day, he calls her out and relentlessly torments her.

Nee, ...Shiyo, Episode 1 English Subbed

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