Modaete yo, Adam-kun, Episode 7 PV

Modaete yo, Adam-kun, Episode 7 PV

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悶えてよ, アダムくん / Modaete yo, Adam-kun

#7. シャワールームに3人で | Shawa- ru-mu ni 3 nin de | The three of us in the shower room.

Modaete yo, Adam-kun, PV

The school group comes to the beach to preview the school trip.
While Shuri and Kaede are previewing the accommodations, Kazuki puts sunscreen on Kyoki and Yui, causing their crotches to swell.
Kazuki’s lie that he can’t handle his bulging crotch is exposed, and he begs for forgiveness from Kyoki.
Kazuki looks at her with a greedy look on his face and says, “Well…then…I’ll do it again…” In exchange for forgiveness, Anki looks at Kazuki with a greedy look.
Seeing the two of them getting excited in the shower room, Yui, too, loses her temper…

Modaete yo, Adam-kun, Episode 7 PV

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