Modaete yo, Adam-kun, Episode 3 [Uncensored]

Modaete yo, Adam-kun, Episode 3 [Uncensored]

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悶えてよ, アダムくん / Modaete yo, Adam-kun

#3. 隠すのなんか止めた | Kakusu no Nanka Tometa | I stopped hiding things.

Modaete yo, Adam-kun, PV

Anki Kokonoe hated men.
Anki, who was admired as a “prince” at a school full of women,
She despised men who had ED and lost their fangs.
One day, Anki was in the unisex locker room at the school.
I find Kazuki shrinking down to hide her crotch.
When she approached Anki to tease him about his ED, what she saw was something that was not supposed to get erect.
“Did you feel that way after looking at my body?”
Anki begins to serve her crotch with her fingertips as if excited by her heat.
Taking advantage of the closed room, the two of them remained as they were…

Modaete yo, Adam-kun, Episode 3 [Uncensored]

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