Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

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水着彼女~THE ANIMATION~ / Mizugi Kanojo The Animation

#1. みずほ! エクササイズ! | Mizuho! Exercise!

Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

“Mizuho! Exercise!”
Mizuho has sex in her boyfriend Hiro’s room. Her recent problem is that her stomach has started to protrude due to her lack of exercise. Hiro-kun suggests that Mizuho go on a diet at the pool where her girlfriend works part-time. At her private pool, Hiro-kun prepared Mizuho a competitive swimsuit♪ And it was one size smaller! Hiro gets excited in front of the swimsuit that digs into his dick…!

“Water trouble”
Sayaka is a female college student who lives alone. She is a naturally clumsy girl who always causes trouble for Takuya, who lives in her apartment downstairs. One night, Sayaka breaks her washing machine and floods her room. Takuya hears her screams and rushes in, only to find Sayaka completely naked with just a shirt on. Takuya’s heart flutters at her defenseless appearance. The two, who had been in love with each other for a long time, were still wearing soaking shirts…

“Summer Jumbo Mizuho!” + “Light Trouble”
Mizuho, who has gained a little weight again during summer vacation, decides to receive special training from Hiro-kun at the sea. Hiro can’t stand Mizuho’s tight competitive swimsuit, which has been swept away by the waves and covered in starfish and sea cucumbers…! Meanwhile, Sayaka and Takuya also came to the beach. Ever since she witnessed Mizuho and the others having sex in the pool, she wanted to show Takuya herself in a competitive swimsuit.

Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

Mizugi Kanojo The Animation, Swimsuit Girl, 水着彼女~THE ANIMATION~, 수영복 그녀

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