Mihitsu no Koi, Episode 1 English Subbed

Mihitsu no Koi, Episode 1 English Subbed

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未必の恋 / Mihitsu no Koi

#1. 親友のカレシ | Shinnyuu No Kareshi | My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Mihitsu no Koi, Episode 1 PV

Sports girl Yuinka is a beautiful girl whose daily routine is to admire her best friend Risa.
Her best friend, Risa, is a beautiful girl and a good-natured girl, but she is a plain girl.
However, she has an older boyfriend.
Risa’s boyfriend is Risa’s enemy, and Yuinka says that she is not good with men and that he seduced her best friend.
Coupled with the indignation of her infatuation heard from Risa, the woman she is obsessed with, she is directing her hatred even further.
The older boyfriend is the ideal boyfriend who takes care of Risa and ignores Yuinka’s arrogance…
The relationship between these two beautiful girls and the man begins to turn obscene due to something…
Yuinka unexpectedly witnesses Risa’s sloppy appearance that she only shows in front of her boyfriend.
I witnessed Risa’s sloppiness, which was far from her usual Risa, and along with her anger and impatience, the heat that lit up her womb ran through her.
Yuinka can’t get the shocking scene out of her head…Risa’s boyfriend’s hand dangles right in front of her as she lies down tired of playing…

Mihitsu no Koi, Episode 1 English Subbed

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