Melty’s Quest, Episode 2 Raw

Melty’s Quest, Episode 2 Raw

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メルティス クエスト / Meltys Quest

#2. ビッチレベル上げすぎちゃった♥ / I raised the bitch level too much

Melty’s Quest, Episode 2 Raw

Mertis and Esmeralda are relieved to have Diavel and Dahlia back in the castle.
However, for some reason, Mertis can’t help but feel a bit on fire.
It seems that his journey to defeat the Black Dahlia has made him grow as an adventurer, but at the same time, his bitch level has also risen.
Mertis can’t take it anymore.
She takes off her clothes and starts masturbating in the street.
The men of the town gather there in excitement.

Melty’s Quest, Episode 2 Raw

Meltys Quest, メルティス クエスト, メルティス・クエスト, 멜티스・퀘스트


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