Melty’s Quest, Episode 1 Raw

Melty’s Quest, Episode 1 Raw

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メルティス クエスト / Meltys Quest

#1. 黒ギャル姫のエッチな冒険♥ / Naughty adventure of a black gal princess

Melty’s Quest, Episode 1 Raw

Black Gal Princess Mertis succeeds in defeating her sister Dahlia (Black Dahlia), who appears as an enemy, and purifies her dark heart and restores her sanity.
Mertis returns to her country, but as she continues to fight, her bitch level has risen.
Thanksgiving night.
Mother Diavel brings Mertis and Daria to the church chapel.
To her surprise, there were many masked and naked men gathered there.
In fact, Thanksgiving [night time] was an orgy of sexual pleasure.
Mertis is already in a state of excitement just by hearing the story.
Dahlia, who is perplexed, gets involved with Mertis and Diavel and gets into an orgy with the guys.
Not only are the three of them getting fucked in the pussy, but they are also getting fucked in the mouth and anus as well. ……

Melty’s Quest, Episode 1 Raw

Meltys Quest, メルティス クエスト, メルティス・クエスト, 멜티스・퀘스트

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