Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 2 Raw

Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 2 Raw

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魔将の贄3 / Mashou no Nie 3

#2. 白濁の海に沈む印褥の隷姫 | Hakudaku no Umi ni Shizumu Injoku no Reiki

Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 2 Raw

Captured, Iris, Mireille, and even the female pirate captain Olivia are being violated without restraint by the bandits, causing their minds to crumble.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Black Serpent Trading Company, Luirly, suffers defeat as Klaus’s attack forces his henchmen to flee.
Breaking down the door to Luirly’s location at the brothel, Klaus and the pirates burst in. Even Adam, one of the henchmen who appeared to come to their aid, had been given the potent stimulant handled by the Black Serpent Trading Company, reducing him to nothing more than a beast obsessed with a singular purpose.
The target of this was Luirly, their master.
And so, Klaus proclaims himself as king, declaring to the people that he will reign and transform the pirate realm into a survival-of-the-fittest pirate kingdom. Those captured will continue to be violated as sacrifices for the further development of the kingdom…

Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 2 Raw

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