Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 1 English Subbed

Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 1 English Subbed

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魔将の贄3 / Mashou no Nie 3

#1. 白濁の海に沈む淫辱の隷姫 | Hakudaku no Umi ni Shizumu Injoku no Reik

Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 1 Raw

Vankrad, the feared and renowned “Pirate King,” met his end due to the betrayal of his own subordinates on a secluded island. His ambitions went unfulfilled, and he perished on that island. Fueled by lingering regrets and hatred for the traitors, he turned into a vengeful spirit wandering the desolate isle.

300 years later…

Taking over the body of Klaus, a newly acquired vessel, Vankrad infiltrated the kingdom. Now a naval officer, he aimed to defeat Olivia, known as one of the three strongest pirates, as part of his scheme. However, this was only the prologue to his revenge tale, and his ultimate target turned out to be the royal family, including Iris and Mireille.

Mashou no Nie 3, Episode 1 English Subbed

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