Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea, Episode 2 English Subbed

Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea, Episode 2 English Subbed

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魔獣浄化少女ウテア / Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea

#2. ミズキの鏡 / Mizuki no Kagami / Mizuki`s Reflection

Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea, Episode 2 Raw

Utea Charm (Karin) and Utea Grace (Mizuki) formed a contract with a mysterious creature called Clio and spent their days fighting against lewd beasts as magical warriors. Mizuki, in order to lessen the burden on Karin, who was exhausted from continuous battles, challenged powerful enemies alone. However, she was caressed by lewd beasts disguised as her father and brother, who fondled her well-developed breasts nurtured by their affection and her tightly fitting magical girl outfit. They also kissed her, pouring aphrodisiac-laced bodily fluids into her.

Mizuki, torn between the sinful pleasure of being desired and recognized as a woman by her respected but understood-to-be-fake father and brother, and the intense yet delicate stimulation from the lewd beasts’ torment that engulfed her entire body, eventually succumbed. She eagerly indulged in their fleshly desires, being impregnated by the lewd beasts through vaginal ejaculations.

The magical girl, now trapped in a loop of carnal pleasure, where she gives birth to the lewd beasts only to be violated by them once again, has fallen…

Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea, Episode 2 English Subbed

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