Love 2 Quad, Episode 1 Raw

Love 2 Quad, Episode 1 Raw

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らぶ2Quad / Love 2 Quad

#1. 完璧ドS淑女・エル~優雅に尻敷くフェイス&ボッキ / Kanpeki Do S Shukujo El: Yuuga ni Shiri Shiku Face & Bokki / Perfect Sadistic Lady, Elle ~Elegantly Laying Face & Bokki

Love 2 Quad, Episode 1 Raw

In the popular fetish moe ADV game “Mareedo,” the staff behind the anime series “Oni Chichi” takes on a new challenge!
“To get excited over something like this… You’re such a masochist.”
El and Wataru are in the midst of training to defeat D4, the natural enemy of humanity. El covers Wataru’s face with her plump hips tightly clad in a swimsuit, staring down at him with a flushed expression and a disdainful smile. Meanwhile, Wataru struggles, his sensitive member tightly gripped by El’s supple fingers…
“I love seeing your distressed face… That’s why I won’t break up with you even if you cry and beg.”
El’s rough words cause Wataru’s member to become even harder…
— El, on the verge of death due to mental contamination from D4.
In front of Wataru, another El identical to her battlesuit-clad self is pinning her down, relentlessly teasing her exposed body from her disheveled clothes.
“S-Stop… You… You’re not me!”
Desperate, El’s weak points are repeatedly targeted… and her restrained body involuntarily responds…
Meanwhile, Wataru, immobilized by D4’s ability, can only watch helplessly.
“All you did was watch silently…”
Wataru sits in seiza position, with El standing in front of him, wearing a mischievous smile.
She steps on his exposed genitals with her legs clad in tight black stockings, glaring at him… and slowly lowers herself onto his face.

Love 2 Quad, Episode 1 Raw

Love 2 Quad, らぶ2Quad, 러브 2 Quad

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