Kunoichi Botan, Episode 2 Raw

Kunoichi Botan, Episode 2 Raw

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くの一牡丹 / Kunoichi Botan

くの一牡丹 その二

Kunoichi Botan, Episode 2 Raw

Botan and Yosuzu are captives, and they continue to be tortured even after being restrained.
Late at night, in the mansion’s dungeon.
Botan and Yosuzu, who are restrained, secretly work out a plan to turn things around.
The merchant who manipulates the half-demon man must have the drug “Onigoshimu” that controls the demon’s energy.
Botan and Yosuzu escape from the dungeon and sneak into the room where Onikoshimu is hidden.
When they finally get the medicine, half-demon men appear again.
All the merchants had set traps with their sights.

Kunoichi Botan, Episode 2 Raw

Female Ninja Botan, Kunoichi Botan, くのいち牡丹, くの一牡丹, 쿠노이치 보탄

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