Kokuhaku……, Episode 1 PV

Kokuhaku……, Episode 1 PV

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告白…… / Kokuhaku…

#1. ~虐めナマイキドジギャルの裏側~ / Izime Namaikidozigyaru No Uragawa / ~Behind the Scenes of Bullying Namai Kid Gal~

Kokuhaku……, Episode 1 PV

“What’s wrong with you, Kasuga?!”
Hinano persistently teased Yua, the cool beauty sitting in front of her…
During class, Yua stood at the podium with her panties showing, unaware that her skirt was pinned up.
Hinano kicked Yua’s chair repeatedly, but Yua ignored her and eventually punched her in frustration.
Their friend Rio warned Hinano to stop her behavior.
But Hinano had a secret…
“I-I said stop… you pervert!”
Watching Rio leave, Hinano pressed her face against Yua’s round and well-formed hips, groping them. She desperately resisted the pervert’s advances…

Kokuhaku……, Episode 1 PV


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