Kiss Hug, Episode 1 English Subbed

Kiss Hug, Episode 1 English Subbed

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Kiss Hug / キスハグ

#1. 契約して♥シて♥ / 手料理と恋心 / Contract ♥ Shite ♥ / Home cooking and love

Kiss Hug, Episode 1 English Subbed

Sign the contract.
Natsumi Kusunoki, a door-to-door saleswoman, goes to the home of Kamono, a resident of a shabby apartment.
The sales pitch was for a new product, an energy drug named “Decamaran D.” Now, it comes with a trial experience as a sample!
After saying that one word, Natsumi forced him to take it and test its effects.
The stamina drug with a lasting power of around 6 hours is extraordinary for girls!

Homemade Cooking and Love
Chizuru is a childhood friend who is 10 years younger than Natsumi.
When they were young, they grew up together like brother and sister.
Chizuru was frail and was in and out of the hospital repeatedly, and gradually they stopped seeing each other.
Then, after several years, they meet again…
I want to sleep with my brother Haru.
Chizuru confesses her childhood desire to sleep with her brother Haru.
As they grow older, they express their love for each other through physical intimacy.

Kiss Hug, Episode 1 English Subbed

Kiss Hug, キスハグ, 키스허그

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