Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 2 Raw

Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 2 Raw

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感染 淫欲の連鎖 / Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa

#2. 佐伯瞳編 / Saeki Hitomi Hen / Saeki Hitomi Chapter

Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 2 Raw

The five members of the film research club at the private Suzukake Academy, Taiyuki Kato, Yu Yamagishi, Hitomi Saeki, Tomomi Igarashi, and Shinya Takeuchi, are planning to hold a one-night, two-day training camp during the summer vacation. On the first day of the camp, the club members begin watching a movie in the school’s audiovisual room. However, the screen suddenly becomes distorted and a strange voice can be heard. The image switches to a couple engaged in sexual activity, with a well-endowed woman wearing a tight-fitting gym uniform. It turns out that the woman in the video is actually the club’s advisor, Risa Shindo.

Shindo covers her face with her hands and flees from the room in shock. Kato mutters, “This can’t be true,” while the other members are left in a stunned silence. Takeuchi’s eyes gleam with a sharp, red light…

Meanwhile, a breaking news report about a mysterious virus called “UNKNOWN level4” is being broadcast on a large monitor in a building. It is revealed that the virus causes those infected to be dominated by intense sexual desire and attack members of the opposite sex. Suddenly, a infected person bursts into the studio and attacks the announcer, inserting his erect penis into her. The announcer cries out in fear and pain before the screen cuts to a test broadcast.

The mysterious “UNKNOWN level4” virus spreads throughout the school and town, and the film research club members gradually begin to exhibit strange behavior. Will they be able to safely escape from the school? What kind of fate awaits them?

Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 2 Raw

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