Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 1 Raw

Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 1 Raw

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感染 淫欲の連鎖 / Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa

#1. 山岸優編 / Yamagishi Yuu Hen / Yamagishi Yuu Chapter

Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 1 Raw

“Suzuki Mirano” announces collaboration work with game brand SPEED! The theme of this completely animated adaptation of a popular PC game is “pleasure infection”. The theme of this fully animated adaptation of the popular game “Kansen” is “pleasure infection”. The OVA series will focus on the particularly popular characters from the game, “Yamagishi Yuu” and “Saeki Hitomi”! The first installment will be the Yamagishi Yuu edition.


During a film club retreat, a mysterious virus known as “UNKNOWN level4” strikes. Those infected are overwhelmed by intense lust, causing them to attack the opposite sex as they please… One by one, the club advisor and members are infected, moving their hips to satisfy their desires. At the same time, similar incidents occur in the city. Will Yamagishi Yuu be able to escape the virus and the fate that awaits her on the rooftop…?

Kansen: In`yoku no Rensa, Episode 1 Raw

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