Junjou Decamelon, Episode 2 Raw

Junjou Decamelon, Episode 2 Raw

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純情デカメロン / Junjou Decamelon

#2. Yusuke Kotoyoshi

Junjou Decamelon, Episode 2 Raw

“Episode 3: Hey, I’m going to become a model!”
Fuuko and Seiya were appointed as library committee members by Ikkaku Rose in order to have a healthy relationship.
However, he is unable to live up to her expectations, and his mischievous spirit swells without hesitation of her appearance.
Rose, unable to see this, lets Fuuko try out a drawing model.
As she expected, when she received attention from those around her, she couldn’t contain her excitement and decided to have Rose, who was present at the time, join in as well.
The serious Rose was intoxicated by the sensation of being pulled by Kaede for the first time.

“Episode 4 I cried”
Ikkaku Rose is finally blooming!
Ever since the incident with the sketch model, I have been addicted to anal play alone.
Although she pretended to be calm at school, she was secretly working on her anonymity.
In the library, when she inserts her finger in her anus as usual, Inuda appears and confesses to her.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the bookshelf, Fuuko and Seiya, who were watching the scene, were also feeling the same.

“Final episode: Ola and the others will always be together!”
Fuuko and her group went out to sea at the seaside school.
At night, a stargazing party was supposed to be held, but there were still no signs of people gathering.
Seiya tells her that it’s okay for her to take off her clothes on the beach now, and Kaede is completely clothed and having fun on the beach.
Seeing her looking so free and happy, Seiya’s feelings only grew.

Junjou Decamelon, Episode 2 Raw

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