Junjou Decamelon, Episode 1 English Subbed

Junjou Decamelon, Episode 1 English Subbed

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純情デカメロン / Junjou Decamelon

#1. Kotoyoshi Yumisuke

Junjou Decamelon, Episode 1 PV

“Episode 1 Ora Iku in Tokyo!”
While gazing at the stars through a telescope in the park, suddenly a large woman, almost naked under her coat, appeared in front of her.
A few days after that meeting, Fuuko Momota transfers into Seiya Uno’s class.
She tells her that as Fuuko grew up, she couldn’t fit in with the crowd, and in order to build up her courage, she met her in the park when she was taking a walk almost naked.
Before long, the hearts of the two overlapped their lips as if they were attracted to each other, and Kaedeko’s L cup shook violently.

“Episode 2: It’s my first date!”
Fuuko and Seiya have their first date at the planetarium.
Looking up at her, Kaede smiles nastily in the darkness while being moved by the mysterious sight.
In the hall, the crowd is sparse and the guidance is flowing, she squats down in front of Seiya and devours her crotch.
As the program came to an end, Kaede could no longer cum unless she felt someone’s gaze.

Junjou Decamelon, Episode 1 English Subbed

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