Joshi Luck!, Episode 2 Raw

Joshi Luck!, Episode 2 Raw

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じょしラク! / Joshi Luck!

OVAじょしラク! #2

Joshi Luck!, Episode 2 Raw

The members of the Ferias Girls’ Lacrosse team from Ferias Girls’ School who came to a summer camp at the beach were still not listening to what Kuroda said and were just playing on the beach.

Under Kuroda’s orders, the members were practicing on the sand, but Yuri Momoi started to have naughty fantasies as she watched the couples around her. Overcome by the heat, Yuri collapsed on the beach and was taken care of by Kuroda at the pension the team had rented.

When Yuri woke up, still under the mistaken impression that her fantasies were continuing, what happened next…?!

Joshi Luck!, Episode 2 Raw

Joshi Luck!, じょしラク!, 소녀 라쿠!

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