Immorality, Episode 2 Raw

Immorality, Episode 2 Raw

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淫の方程式 / In no Houteishiki  / Immorality

#2. 陵辱の宴 / Ryoujoku no Utage / Rape Party

Immorality, Episode 2 Raw

I’m tingling… I want a man… This is why I hate nights with a full moon.
Madonna Sayako Saeki of the infirmary. The blood of a lewd beast flows through her plump body. The full moon shines so ominously that it stirs her blood.
“That’s wonderful…I’ll make you cum a lot.”
Sayako (obscene beast) drips lewd juice and fills her mouth with men’s engorged crotches. Tongues intertwined. Semen splashes all over the place. The moon is still high…
“…It seems like she was an eyesore after all…”
In the bright moonlight, a shadow approaches that aims for Sayako’s (obscene beast) blood.
A super sensual lewd thriller written by Kurenai Azuki! The second episode of excitement! !

Immorality, Episode 2 Raw

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