Imakara Atashi……, Episode 2 English Subbed

Imakara Atashi……, Episode 2 English Subbed

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今からアタシ…, Ima kara Atashi…

#2. セカンドバージンも捧げます | Second Virgin mo Sasagemasu

Imakara Atashi......, Episode 2 Raw

I wonder how many days have passed…
After being deprived of her virginity by her homeroom teacher, Yayoi’s senses have become paralyzed as she is called in every day by her homeroom teacher and raped in various places at the school.
However, Yayoi’s reason is not lost. What supported him was his single-minded love for his brother.
However, the homeroom teacher relentlessly blames Yayoi’s buttocks to erase the memories of having sex with his older brother in the buttocks.
During the lunch break, my brother was worried about Yayoi who was not feeling well and was preparing a present.
Yayoi quickly puts on the pink ribbon barrette that his older brother gave her.
My older brother smiles at the happy Yayoi. However, such a moment of peace was torn apart by the ringtone of the phone.

Imakara Atashi......, Episode 2 English Subbed

今からアタシ…, Ima kara Atashi…, From now I’m…, 지금부터 저..

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