Imakara Atashi……, Episode 1 English Subbed

Imakara Atashi……, Episode 1 English Subbed

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今からアタシ…, Ima kara Atashi…

#1. 初めてを捧げます | Hajimete o Sasagemasu | I’ll Give You My First Time

Imakara Atashi......, Episode 1 Raw

School lunch break.
Beyond the no trespassing sign is a place where Ryosuke and Yayoi can be alone.
The reason why they meet while avoiding the public eye is because they are more like brothers and sisters.
Even today, I started having H after lunch.
The trigger was Yayoi, but Ryosuke became obsessed with Yayoi’s body, which had grown for his age.
However, because they are brothers and sisters, it is H only with the hole in the buttocks.
Yayoi sometimes feels frustrated with his brother who refuses to cross the final line,
She was happy and satisfied to feel that she was fully loved by her brother.
To be loved by her brother forever…that was Yayoi’s dream…

Imakara Atashi......, Episode 1 English Subbed

今からアタシ…, Ima kara Atashi…, From now I’m…, 지금부터 저..

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