Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 3 Raw

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 3 Raw

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一求乳魂 / Ikkyuu Nyuukon

#3. 特別編 / Tokubetsu Hen / Special Chapter

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 3 Raw

■ “Double Ball Love Attack Final Episode”
Everyone has come to the summer training camp. Asakura receives a special menu from the captain to become stronger under pressure. Under Takahashi’s guidance, she undergoes “breast massage” training. At first, she is bewildered, but gradually becomes accustomed to it and finally experiences it for the first time. After taking a bath and getting into the bathtub to start again, the club members rush in and the final touch of the training camp begins!

■ “Please kiss me”
Nana Sakashita worked at a small restaurant in the same shopping district. She is asked by her admired older brother, Hiro, to be the MC for the shopping district’s event. The costume given to her the next day at the venue was too small. Hiro notices her resistance to the costume and changes it to a special one just for her. As they realize their feelings for each other, their distance quickly closes in!

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 3 Raw

一求乳魂, Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Only My Oppai Soul, 오직 내 가슴의 영혼, Kondou Takashi

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