Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 2 Raw

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 2 Raw

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一求乳魂 / Ikkyuu Nyuukon

#2. 後編 / Kouhen / Final Chapter

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 2 Raw

Sato, a member of the volleyball club, is tormented by the sight of his seniors and the manager Takahashi having sex in front of him during club activities. He tries to relieve his frustrated feelings by masturbating at home, but finds it impossible. Sato plans to be alone with Takahashi and explodes with pent-up emotions, seeking Takahashi’s body in the sports storage room. The girls’ volleyball team is preparing for a summer tournament and goes on a training camp. However, as soon as they arrive at their destination, they have a BBQ party! Then, they all compete for Takahashi’s penis, wanting his body. As they do so, Asakura, whom they all love, is brought to the scene…

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 2 Raw

一求乳魂, Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Only My Oppai Soul, 오직 내 가슴의 영혼, Kondou Takashi

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