Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 4 PV

Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 4 PV

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OVA 初恋時間 ./ OVA Hatsukoi Jikan.

OVA 初恋時間。 #4

Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 4 PV

Juren is a genius who always takes first place in regular exams, while Sadahito, who always comes in second place, works hard to study in hopes of surpassing her someday!
…However, Juren plays a prank on him.
Unable to withstand the sabotage, she sucks the bottle in her mouth, and ends up barging into her house and stripping her naked!
Unable to bear her interference, they eventually become connected to each other…?
The more you have sex, the more your feelings will become connected.
A pure love story sweeter than candy, brought together while studying for an exam!

Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 4 PV

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