Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 1 PV

Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 1 PV

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OVA 初恋時間 ./ OVA Hatsukoi Jikan.

OVA 初恋時間。 #1

Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 1 PV

I’m going to see Ena, a yang gal in a class rumored to be experienced in slashing 100 people, the exact opposite of me as a yin-kyara boy, studying!
She is the complete opposite of the yin-kyah.
When the test is over, the relationship will end… it should have been, but I promised to do something naughty for that [thank you]!
Contrary to the rumors, however, she is actually an inexperienced and earnest child… A youthful pure-hearted love story sent with an innocent and tragic sex.

Hatsukoi Jikan., Episode 1 PV

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