Dokidoki Little Ooyasan, Episode 1 Raw

Dokidoki Little Ooyasan, Episode 1 Raw

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dokidokiりとる大家さん / Dokidoki Little Ooyasan

#1. こんなサービスってアリですか!? 『シスター』のコスプレで大興奮♡の巻 / Is This Kind of Service Allowed? Getting So Aroused from a “Nun” Cosplay Volume

Dokidoki Little Ooyasan, Episode 1 Raw

Daisuke Tanaka moved into a cheap but shabby apartment,
a cheap but shabby apartment.
But rent is not the only attraction of this apartment.
On the day he pays his monthly rent, the landlord offers him a sex service!
The landlord is Miyuri Aso.
She may look like a Lolita on the outside, but she is an adult on the inside.
Daisuke is already in love with Miyuri’s naughty techniques!

Now, let’s get started, shall we?
She can’t wait to get started.

When I put in the rent, I’ll put in the cock, too.
Let’s put it in deep!
If the apartment is small, the hole is small too.
The landlord’s stomach is also full!
In the morning, the sisters will perform the service.
Take care of your pent up sexual desires!

It’s such a shabby apartment,
I can’t believe the rent is so high!
Expectations are sky-high for this little landlord’s H service!

Dokidoki Little Ooyasan, Episode 1 Raw

dokidokiりとる大家さん, Dokidoki Little Ooyasan, Heart-Throbbing Little Landlady, 心动小房东, 두근두근 리틀 집주인

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