Aikagi The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

Aikagi The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

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アイカギ The Animation / Aikagi The Animation

The last winter of school.
Nozomi Sunohara, who was about to take the exam and graduate, was at a loss.
I was told to live independently and was looking for a room to live alone, but I couldn’t find a property that met my requirements.
Couldn’t see such a wish, one proposal from her childhood friend “Shiori Takanashi”
“That’s…! Wha, my…, why don’t you live with me at my house!?”
I was told to be independent, but then I’ll be living alone…? However, with her parents’ willing consent, things progressed smoothly, and before she knew it, she and her childhood friend were living together.
Cohabitation life for a limited time only for one month.
It’s a short period of time, and they’re childhood friends, so mistakes shouldn’t happen.
That’s what I thought, but by living together, I learned about Shiori’s side for the first time.
Her heart beats fast every time she is conscious of her.
“What will happen to us…”
A life alone with a childhood friend girl begins-

Aikagi The Animation, Episode 1 Raw

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