Tsuma Netori Kan Unveils Its Official Trailer!

The following news will please Tsuma Netori fans. ZIZ Entertainment has already released Tsuma Netori Kan’s trailer, their new S&M hentai OVA!

The trailer’s quality is good; I have no complaints about it.

If you like S&M and BDSM, don’t forget that this OVA is going to be released on November 17.


Tsuma Netori Kan Unveils Its Official Trailer!This story is set when Makoto was a college student about to graduate.

Yurina Suzukaze is a married woman who works as a substitute art teacher at that university. Sakakura, the man who has been romantically interested in Yurina for a while, and Yasuno, devise a plan to sexually subjugate her. Later, Sakakura offers Yurina some tea, and when she drinks it, she starts feeling unwell and faints. When Yurina wakes up, she notices that she is tied completely naked to a chair. Sakakura reveals to her that she was kidnapped and will be sexually trained for two consecutive weeks.


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