Pink Pineapple Surprises with Oku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu The Animation Trailer

Hey guys, today I have some news that you’re going to love: Pink Pineapple released the Oku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu The Animation trailer!

OMG, just take a look at that MILF, I know she’ll be one of the best MILFs of the year without a doubt! But well, that little detail aside, the hentai looks fucking awesome. I expected nothing less from legendary director Tatsumi.

Don’t forget that this amazing OVA is going to be released on July 28.

Oh, by the way, we have no details on whether there will be a second episode. Although, in my opinion, it would be great if they adapted the hardcore NTR version of their game.

Don’t worry! We’ll stay tuned to let you know any news about future releases of this hentai.


Pink Pineapple Surprises with Oku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu The Animation Trailer

Shion, a young man who is unable to manifest his magical powers even after coming of age, is left in the care of a family that specializes in magical research.

After finally unleashing his potential during a terrible incident, he is taken under the wing of a skilled healer, Rui, who promises to teach him how to control his powers.

But to properly command magic, a man must have a profound knowledge about carnal matters.

Thus, Rui decides to go against her marriage vows and take Shion’s virginity, while teaching him how to properly pleasure a woman.

At least until he is able to control his magical powers, that is…


Pink Pineapple

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