Pink Pineapple Re-Releases Two New OVAs in English!

Great news! Pink Pineapple announced today two new OVAs translated into English! The first one is Kao No Nai Tsuki’s fourth episode.


Pink Pineapple Re-Releases Two New OVAs in English!

Suzuna surrenders to the pleasure of her encounter with Tomomi.
But behind the scenes, Yuriko’s plans are progressing steadily despite Chikako’s efforts to thwart them.

“I’m regaining the half of my power that was stolen.
And Suzuna’s heart finally belongs to him… The “Tsukimachi Ceremony” is close at hand.”

Meanwhile, Koichi stumbles upon a cave and meets Mizuna, a girl with uncanny resemblance to Suzuna.
Unable to speak, Mizuna expresses herself with sweet smiles…
When Suzuna sees them spending time together, an inexplicable sadness wells up inside her.

Later that night, Suzuna puts on the ceremonial robes, and makes her way to Koichi’s room…

The other hentai to be translated into English is a very popular one, as it is the second OVA of Sakusei Byoutou The Animation!


Pink Pineapple Re-Releases Two New OVAs in English!

Yamada’s got a compound fracture in both hands. Classic Yamada!
But that means he has to spend some time in the hospital — and worse, he can’t jack off! It’s worse than it sounds.
Yamada has a condition that means he has to choke the chicken every three hours, or he’s wracked by unbearable pain.

Sounds fake, I know, but it’s a real problem, and real nurses have to help handle it!
However, it turns out all the nurses here are just plain MEAN!

Nurse number two is the malicious Kurokawa.
Kurokawa demands “sincerity” from Yamada in exchange for his treatment. Left with no choice, he agrees and is used for Kurokawa’s revenge.
After being jerked off with an onahole, Yamada unleashes a flood of sperm inside Tachibana’s locker, coating the belongings inside.
Now at his lowest point, Kurokawa treats him as “fellow trash.”

“How will the ‘trash dick’ and ‘trash pussy’ get along?”


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