Ura Jutaijima, Episode 2 Raw

Ura Jutaijima, Episode 2 Raw

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裏・受胎島 / Ura Jutaijima

#2. 赤ちゃんできるまで抜かないで… / Akachan Dekiru made Nukanaide… / Don`t Pull out Until I`m Knocked Up…

Ura Jutaijima, Episode 2 Raw

One day, the protagonist and others were stranded on an island where a “mating virus” that would eventually lead to death if they didn’t ingest semen had spread, due to an unforeseen accident. The only male on the island was the protagonist, who was bullied in class for being unattractive. The ringleader of the bullying, Ai, became obsessed with having sex with the protagonist. Yumi, who was jealous, restrained Ai and forced her to watch as she too became a prisoner of the protagonist’s semen, desperately trying to suppress her rising sexual desire. Will they be able to escape from this island?

Ura Jutaijima, Episode 2 Raw

Ura Jutaijima, 裏・受胎島, 뒷면 임신 섬, 속 수태도

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