Ura Jutaijima, Episode 1 Raw

Ura Jutaijima, Episode 1 Raw

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裏・受胎島 / Ura Jutaijima

#1. 精液って… なんでこんなに… 美味しいの… / Seiekitte… Nande Konna ni… Oishii no… / Why Does… Semen Taste… This Good…

Ura Jutaijima, Episode 1 Raw

One day, the protagonist and his classmates had an accident and drifted to a deserted island, where a virus that leads to death if the carrier doesn’t take in semen into their body is rampant. The only male on this island is the protagonist, who was bullied in his class. While the sexless Akira and the timid Yumi accept the protagonist, the ringleader of the bullying, Ai, still refuses to accept him. Yumi shows Ai, who is suffering from the symptoms of the virus, sex with the protagonist…

Ura Jutaijima, Episode 1 Raw

Ura Jutaijima, 裏・受胎島, 뒷면 임신 섬, 속 수태도

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