Tsugunai, Episode 3 English Subbed

Tsugunai, Episode 3 English Subbed

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ツグナヒ / Tsugunai

#3. 真面目ギャル・茗子~蘇る近親○○~ / Mazime Gyaru Yomigaeru Kinshin / Serious Gal, Meiko ~Reviving Close Relatives~

Tsugunai, Episode 3 PV

I’m lucky
Meiko, who smiles brightly to remove the dark atmosphere, calls out to Aoi, who is depressed because she can’t help her sister Natsuki.
Ruriko and Natsuki have already been attacked, and Kanami can’t control her overflowing feelings and goes to the man.
The remaining two, Meiko and Aoi, cooperate with each other in searching for an escape route…
No, father, Yamete
Ryoichi straddles Meiko, who was imprisoned by an unexpected betrayal.
A meat stick of revenge that is gouged out by a female hole that has been penetrated by spanking
Her eyes, humiliated with her abominable memory, had already lost their light…

Tsugunai, Episode 3 English Subbed

Tsuguna,츠구나히i, ツグナヒ

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