Toshi Densetsu, Episode 6 Raw

Toshi Densetsu, Episode 6 Raw

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都市伝説シリーズ / Toshi Densetsu

#6. 集結! エロカワ怪異 / Shuuketsu! Erokawa Kaii / Assemble! Ero-Cute Apparitions

Toshi Densetsu, Episode 6 Raw

Hanako, who died a violent death and became an earthbound spirit without being able to attain Buddhahood, is released from the curse by marrying Okuda, a teacher who resembles her first love.
Hanako should have been able to spend time freely with her favorite Okuda, but Hanako’s face doesn’t come to mind.
Seeing this, Sadako calls Hasshaku-san and Merry-chan to solve her problem.
The monsters who meet in one place.
And they carry out Hanako’s trouble-solving strategy!

Toshi Densetsu, Episode 6 Raw

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