Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 2 English Subbed

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 2 English Subbed

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鬼父 Refresh / Oni Chichi: Refresh

#2. 小生意気変態フレンドのビーチびっち♥ | Konamaiki Hentai Friend no Beach Bitch | The Small, Cheeky Perverted Friend`s Beach Bitch

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 2 English Subbed

Somehow… Airi is weird. It’s good that she didn’t drown, but being rescued… that’s another story.
Hmph, after treating Airi like a pervert all the time, what’s with that?
It’s just natural to help because of the nature of our job… Rather, we should be cautious before she almost drowns.
I’m always watching… It’s just like being useless when it matters most. Hmph.
I can’t stand it anymore… I don’t mind Saana fooling around with Airi, even doing adult stuff together,
But I can’t accept Airi being called a perverted girl! What am I supposed to do with this frustration?
Ah, I’ll just have a barbecue and eat and drink to vent it all out. Oh, but I won’t invite her.
If she takes back calling Airi a pervert, then I’ll forgive her. A night at the beach is nice.
After the barbecue, Saana told me to take a stroll with Papa. We got noticed by other couples and got into that kind of mood, so I served Papa…
But I realized… I shouldn’t do this… I’m a perverted girl, and it’s not fair to everyone else… right?

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 2 English Subbed

Demon Father: Refresh, Oni Chichi: Refresh, 鬼父 Refresh, 귀부: 리프레쉬

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